I’m a meteorologist who strives to foster understanding of humanity’s connection to the atmosphere. Feeling something profound when we go outside and look up at the sky is more important than any map or chart or graph. The weather has helped make us who we are. We’re in this together.

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Accolades (some may be ironic, I’m not sure):

“America’s weather-predicting boyfriend” –The Awl

“The Rebel Nerd of Meteorology” –Rolling Stone

“The internet’s favorite meteorologist” –Jason Kottke

“A meteorologist for the millennial generation” –Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni Magazine

“One of the country’s most important and influential writers on climate change” –Grist

“A respected climate journalist” – Rebecca Solnit

“Accurate, alarmist, insightful, sound reasoning” –Climate Feedback

“Kook…Sniveling beta-male…dweeb…drama queen” –Fox News

Selected works

The Daily Beast

Jan. 6, 2014: Thank Global Warming for Freezing You Right Now


Apr. 6, 2016: This new data set is poised to revolutionize climate adaptation


Oct. 6, 2016: This Is Why Hurricane Matthew Is So Uniquely Dangerous


Mar. 23, 2016: When Will The World Really Be 2 Degrees Hotter Than It Used To Be?

Oct. 7, 2016: Wind Speed Alone Isn’t The Best Way To Measure A Weird Hurricane Like Matthew


Jun. 27, 2017: The Best Place to View the Total Solar Eclipse This Summer, According to Science


Mar. 13, 2017: No, Big Snowstorms Like This Aren’t Normal

Jun. 23, 2017: The fact is: Facts don’t matter to climate deniers

Jul. 10, 2017: Stop scaring people about climate change. It doesn’t work.

Jul. 12, 2017: A trillion-ton iceberg just broke off Antarctica

Aug. 11, 2017: An attempt to avert Trump’s interference in climate science might actually invite it

Sep. 28, 2017: Puerto Ricans are living climate change right now. Here’s how they describe it.

Oct. 24, 2017: Downgraded

Nov. 16, 2017: It’s OK that Democrats don’t have a national climate policy

Nov. 21, 2017: Ice Apocalypse

Dec. 5, 2017: Bitcoin could cost us our clean energy future

Dec. 18, 2017: Let it go: The Arctic will never be frozen again

Jan. 5, 2018: Heartbroken scientists lament the likely loss of ‘most of the world’s coral reefs’

March 8, 2018: Up in Smoke: Trees are dying at unprecedented rates. Can we rethink conservation before it’s too late?

April 3, 2018: Beneath the Ice: Exclusive photos show the hidden lives of minke whales in a warming Antarctica

May 2, 2018: The water war that will decide the fate of 1 in 8 Americans

May 3, 2018: Humans didn’t exist the last time there was this much CO2 in the air


Apr. 29, 2011: How the weather can soak your profits

Mother Jones

Feb. 22, 2017: “We Will Never Stop”: An EPA Employee Blasts the Trump Administration


Oct. 29, 2015: Hypercane (fiction)

The New Yorker

Sep. 22, 2016: How the Reaction to Trump Could Be Good for the Climate


Aug. 21, 2016: Why Obama Must Pay Attention to the Louisiana Floods

Pacific Standard

Jul. 24, 2016: The Sand Fire in Santa Clarita Offers Omens of a Fiery Future

Aug. 4, 2016: For Climate Scientists, the Siberian Anthrax Outbreak is a Sign of What’s to Come

Aug. 12, 2016: America’s Latest 500-Year Rainstorm is Underway Right Now in Louisiana

Aug. 16, 2016: Bracing Ourselves for the Climate Tipping Point

Jan. 25, 2017: Trump’s Attacks on Science Represent a National Security Threat

Mar. 16, 2017: Climate Change has “Permanently” Changed the Great Barrier Reef

Jun. 20, 2017: The Science Behind Arizona’s Record-Setting Heat Wave

Nov. 9, 2017: The Enormous Consequences of America’s Catastrophic Weather This Year

Dec. 18, 2017: The Thomas Fire is About to Become the Largest Wildfire in California History


Aug. 28, 2017: Harvey is What Climate Change Looks Like


Sep. 27, 2013: The world’s best scientists agree: On our current path, global warming is irreversible—and getting worse

Oct. 1, 2013: Why I’m never flying again

Oct. 27, 2013: What it would be like if this quarter-mile-wide asteroid hit the Earth in 2032 (and you survived it)

Nov. 7, 2013: Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever seen, hit the Philippines with record force

Nov. 10, 2013: How to fix global warming before it’s too late

Dec. 20, 2013: The only way to stop climate change now may be revolution

Rolling Stone

Aug. 5, 2015: The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares are Already Here

Dec. 8, 2017: California’s Climate Emergency

Sky & Telescope

Jul. 13, 2017: Top 10 Places to View the Total Solar Eclipse


Jan. 23, 2014: Rainy Days and Reality Shows Always Get Me Down

Feb. 19, 2014: Available for a Limited Time Only

Mar. 11, 2014: The Thirsty West: Can Tucson Survive Climate Change?

Jul. 18, 2014: Weather Nerds Finally Have Their Own Sunday Morning Talk Show, and It’s Glorious

Aug. 7, 2014: The National Weather Service Should Be Replaced by Gawker

Aug. 20, 2014: Why I’m a Climate Change Alarmist

Sep. 16, 2014: Slate Exclusive: Why Greenland’s “Dark Snow” Should Worry You

Sep. 23, 2014: This Climate Change Poem Moved World Leaders to Tears Today

Nov. 7, 2014: Alaska Is About to Experience a Post-Tropical Cyclone the Size of Alaska

Nov. 17, 2014: The Squishiness of the Phrase “Polar Vortex”

Dec. 4, 2014: Yak Dung Is Making Climate Change Worse

Mar. 23, 2015: The Day After Tomorrow Might Kinda, Sorta Come True

Mar. 30, 2015: Of Daisies and the Robot Apocalypse

Apr. 17, 2015: Stop Vilifying Almonds

May 13, 2015: This Man Is America’s Best Hope for Near-Term Climate Action

May 14, 2015: Huge El Niño Becoming More Likely in 2015

May 19, 2015: Kayaktivism

May 22, 2015: Honeybees at a Crossroads

May 29, 2015: California’s Snowpack Is Now Zero Percent of Normal

Jun. 12, 2015: The Pope’s Climate Encyclical Now Has an Epic Hollywood Trailer

Jun. 22, 2015: Northern Lights Surge as Huge Solar Storm Reaches Earth

Aug. 5, 2015: Pentagon Issues Scary Climate Security Report, as Russia Lays Claim to Vast Arctic Territory

Aug. 28, 2015: The Most Dire Weather Forecast Ever Issued

Sep. 1, 2015: Despite His Climate Change Promises, Obama Is Basically Running a Petrostate

Sep. 10, 2015: The Battle for the Weather Channel Is Over, and the Weather Nerds Won

Oct. 3, 2015: Historic Rainfall Pummels the Carolinas and Floods Charleston

Oct. 23, 2015: Patricia, Strongest Hurricane in History, Makes Landfall in Mexico

Nov. 2, 2015: Watch Kansas City’s World Series Celebration Erupt on Weather Radar

Nov. 6, 2015: We Can Finally Stop Talking About Keystone. What’s Next?

Nov. 14, 2015: Bernie Is Absolutely Right: Climate Change Makes Terrorism Worse

Dec. 3, 2015: India Holds the Planet’s Fate in Its Hands. That’s Great News.

Dec. 12, 2015: Paris Agreement Ushers in End of the Fossil Fuel Era

Dec. 24, 2015: This Freakishly Warm, Totally Wrong Christmas Eve Weather, Explained

Dec. 29, 2015: The Scariest Part of This Season’s Weird Weather Is Coming Soon

Feb. 19, 2016: Zika’s Effects on Pregnant Women Make Creating a Vaccine Even More Difficult

Feb. 20, 2016: Cyclone Winston, Strongest Southern Hemisphere Storm in History, Hits Fiji

Mar. 1, 2016: Our Planet’s Temperature Just Reached a Terrifying Milestone

Mar. 3, 2016: It’s Been So Warm in Anchorage, They’re Bringing in Snow by Train for the Iditarod

Mar. 6, 2016: Hillary Clinton, Who Used to Sell Fracking Around the World, Denounces Fracking at Debate

Mar. 7, 2016: El Niño’s Disastrous Worldwide Consequences Are Just Getting Started

Mar. 8, 2016: It’s Official: This Was America’s Warmest Winter on Record

Mar. 22, 2016: James Hansen’s Bombshell Climate Warning Is Now Part of the Scientific Canon

Mar. 25, 2016: What Do Trump Supporters Think About Climate Change? I Went to a Rally and Asked.

Apr. 7, 2016: Many Meteorologists Still Doubt Human-Driven Climate Change

Apr. 8, 2016: SpaceX Just Landed a Freaking Rocket on a Freaking Barge in the Middle of the Ocean

Nov. 9, 2016: All Is Not Lost on Climate Change

Nov. 14, 2016: The Kids Suing the Government Over Climate Change Are Our Best Hope Now


Apr. 12, 2016: The Largest Coral Atoll In The World Lost 80 Percent Of Its Coral To Bleaching


Mar. 5, 2015: Should Climate Change Stop Us from Having Babies?

The Wall Street Journal

Feb. 2, 2012: Growing Warmer, Growing Earlier

Oct. 25, 2012: Weather Journal: Not Your Average NYC Hurricane Threat

Feb. 6, 2013: Weather Journal: Snowstorm of Uncertainty Nears

Washington Post

Nov. 28, 2012: Department of Homeland Security may review Superstorm Sandy warnings

Dec. 3, 2012: Weather Service draws fire for halting Sandy review panel; agency cites regulations

Oct. 17, 2014: ‘Storm Surge’ by Adam Sobel, ‘Superstorm’ by Kathryn Miles, on Hurricane Sandy

Dec. 13, 2016: Why I’m trying to preserve federal climate data before Trump takes office


Jan. 6, 2014: Boiling water vs. extreme cold